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Need your WiFi range extended to outside or to a detached garage? This is the option for you.


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Do you want to increase your internet performance by 2-3x? Then this is the option for you.


We would highly recommend ReddTip internet services. We live in a rural area where decent internet services and choices are next to none. We were dependent on satellite and costly cellphone hotspot services until we were introduced to ReddTip.

Ken M.

Thanks so much for working to provide us excellent service. I appreciate you for answering all of my questions and helping me to feel comfortable with our internet service. ReddTip is proving to be a great company. Thank you."

DeAnna C.

I’ve been a long time Verizon DSL Customer, and moved back to another adjacent farm where I used to live and had DSL, however it was no longer offered. I researched my options, and decided to try ReddTip’s trial offer. Well, I’m now a loyal customer and I’ve gotten a number of my friends to get ReddTip. Chris Morris in setting up my ReddTip Wi-Fi not only set it up professionally, but also took the time to connect my 3 TV, IMac, IPad, IPhone and other Wi-Fi devices. I give Chris Morris and ReddTip 10 stars. 

Karen T.